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Automotive Industry Case Study

Application Overview:

An OEM company, which manufactures parts washers for the automotive industry, was purchasing stainless steel attachment chains through distribution. These chains were mainly C2060H and C2080H with BK1 or BK2 attachments, and were used to convey transmission parts, camshafts, etc.


The chain supplier had long lead times (4-6 weeks) and high prices.


Lead times reduced to 1-2 weeks.

Reduced downtime.

Cost Savings

15% savings

Chain Life Twice the Competitor’s Chain

Application Overview: Blended rubber is fed through calendar rolls, conveyed through soapy water on a chain, and folded onto pallets for storage. The soap prevents the rubber from sticking to itself.


The ungreased stainless steel chain used to carry the rubber through the soap solution corroded quickly. Elongation caused this chain to fail within 3 months.


Use 60 and 80 Corrosion Resistant Chain instead of Stainless Steel chain, increasing usage time to 10+ months Usage: 120 feet of each size

Cost Savings: